Choose Omaha Interior Designers: Three Tips to Help

This article will help you choose Omaha Interior Designers.

We know when it comes to choosing an interior designer and firm for your home refresh, renovation, or new construction, you have many options. And the process of finding the right fit can be daunting. We’re here to take the guesswork and uncertainty out of what should be a fun and exciting time as you embark on an interior project. These three tips will help you in choosing Omaha interior designers.

Three things to consider when choosing an Omaha interior designer! 


#1 Collaboration is Crucial

You have the vision and we have the tools to bring it to life. Working collaboratively with our clients is of the utmost importance to our team here at Interiors Joan and Associates, and it brings us great joy to serve you and your needs and be a part of your journey while choosing Omaha interior designers. Throughout the entire process, from start to finish, we will work together to ensure we understand your wants, needs, and desires, so at the end of the project, the final result is everything you have envisioned and so much more. With our expert eye and skills, we are confident that our clients will be thrilled when we bring their vision to fruition.

#2 Preparation and Inspiration

We may have the eye and years of understanding our client’s vision and expectations, but we do not mind readers, so it is incredibly helpful when our clients come to the initial project consultation prepared with inspirational photos, textures, fabrics, and items that can tangibly express their aesthetic. These items and images will provide our Omaha interior designers with context and thought as we develop the project scope.

While we do appreciate examples, it is important to also give your designer creative autonomy and the ability to flex their expertise. After all, that is why you are choosing an Omaha interior designer, to help you create the best space possible. Of course, it is a team effort and a collaborative decision-making process, but providing the freedom for your designer to use their skills, tools, and industry knowledge is how they provide value to you.

#3 Understanding Workflow

As you choose your Omaha interior designer, you’ll want to discuss communication preferences and the workflow of the project and designer. Everyone communicates differently and manage projects differently, and while we all have our own individual styles, it is critical that both client and designer agree on both communication avenues and shared work experiences.

Does your designer prefer dropbox or Google drive shared folders? Does the firm offer a client portal where all documents and images are shared and easily accessible? Do you as a client prefer in-person meetings or is email and text your preferred method of communication? If tech-savvy isn’t something you would call yourself, then one-on-one, in-studio, and in-home meetings might make you more comfortable. All of these things are items you’ll want to discuss with your designer of choice.

Ultimately, we as designers here at Interiors Joan and Associates only want our clients to be happy with the final result and enjoy the process along the way. After all, interior design is FUN and we are here to take any stress or worry away.

Choose Omaha interior designers wisely! Call today to learn more about Interiors Joan & Associates!