Interior Designers in Omaha, NE: Five Tips for Choosing

Do you have a vision for your home but aren’t sure where to start to bring it to life? That’s why the interior designers at Interiors Joan and Associates in Omaha, NE are here to help.

We hear time and time again from our clients that they can’t quite seem to get their decor right. Maybe they were inspired by Pinterest or stopped into one of our showrooms and fell in love with a statement piece, but whatever the case may be, the disconnect between vision and fruition holds many people back from revamping their homes. And that is why you need to lean on our expert designers in Omaha, NE at Interiors Joan and Associates.

Choosing an interior designer that fits your own personal style and taste, as well as personality and budget, are all very important to consider. But where to start? Here are five tips for choosing interior designers in Omaha Ne.

Five tips for choosing interior designers in Omaha, NE

1. Identify your style

Just like in any industry with choosing a company to work with, you’ll want to be sure to hire a designer in Omaha, NE that aligns with your personal style and understands the vision. If you are a person that loves color and wants your home to reflect that, then you’ll want to choose a designer whose portfolio and taste also reflect that.

2. Budget Transparency

Being honest about your budget is crucial. The designer you hire will need to know the parameters in order to set project expectations and timelines. If you have a large budget that allows for one-of-a-kind custom or commissioned pieces, then the project duration will be lengthier and time intensive for both the client and designer.

3. Discuss communication styles

Are you an in-person, meet often, and need facetime with your designer? If so, you’ll want to make sure that your designer’s communication style aligns with yours. If the designer prefers email communication due to a heavy client load and won’t be able to accommodate in-person meetings, then the project will suffer and be less enjoyable for both you as a client and them as the interior designer in Omaha, NE. This directly relates to project management style, as well. Some designers prefer and work best with complete creative autonomy after initial discussions and others prefer ongoing input and opinions through the design and project process.

4. Project duration

If you are on a short turnaround timeline due to an upcoming event, celebration, or holiday; then that will most certainly need to be addressed at the initial consultation. You’ll want to thoroughly discuss the project and have a realistic and attainable timeline set that is suitable for both the client and the designer. If there’s a conflict between the timeline and designer availability, we recommend involving another designer that has similar styles and works well together to ensure the project stays on course and on time.

5. Pet friendly?

If you are a client with a house full of dogs or cats, you’ll want to disclose this at your initial consultation. While you may love your pets and think they’re the cutest and best things ever, not all may agree, especially if the designer is allergic to pets. Your Omaha interior designer will be working intimately and often in your home, which means considering their affinity or allergy to pets is very important.

We hope these five tips for choosing interior designers in Omaha, NE were helpful as you decide on which interior designer at Interiors Joan and Associates is right for you!