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Interior Design Firm in Lincoln, Nebraska

Interiors Joan and Associates are a full-service interior design firm in Lincoln, Nebraska. Their clients receive personal and professional services to assist Lincoln residents and business owners with their interior design needs. The interior designers at Interiors Joan and Associates are specifically strained to interpret the individual style and identity of their clients. 

Interiors Joan and Associates has been offering timeless home and office design solutions for over 50 years in Lincoln and Omaha. Their ASID design team (American Academy of Interior Design) is experienced in interpreting individual tastes and identifying specific needs in order to provide their clients with personalized, functional designs and furnishings. Their design showrooms in Lincoln and Omaha offer unique, decorative items for sale and they specialize in custom-ordered furniture, window treatments, artwork, and accessory items that set your home or business apart from all others. If you’re eager to learn more about the best interior design firm in Lincoln, Nebraska, keep reading. 

Creating an Environment

What do interior designers do in Lincoln? Interior design is defined as the professional and comprehensive practice of creating an interior environment that addresses, protects, and responds to human needs in homes and businesses. It is the art, science, and business planning of a creative and functional interior solution that corresponds to the architecture of a space, while incorporating process and strategy, a mandate for well-being, safety, and health, with informed decisions about style and aesthetics.

Common misconceptions

Designers, decorators, and architects. Aren’t they all the same? No, they all fill different roles. So, how are interior design, decoration, and architecture different?

Interior design is a skilled discipline. The designer will need to have completed professional training and learn to develop a project from a global and more conceptual point of view. 

Although architecture includes interior design, it is focused more on the aesthetics of the exterior of the building & taking care of the structure. It’s considered an art because it paints the city landscape. 

A decorator refers to the use of furniture and adornment for a home or business in Lincoln. 

What does a designer do?

Interior designers at Interiors Joan  & Associates in Lincoln work to create spaces that are attractive, functional, and safe while meeting the specific needs of each client. 

Through the use of furniture placement, color palettes, decorations, and functional decor, interior designers can create a variety of spaces — from living rooms that are beautiful yet functional, to offices that inspire teams. Elements such as artwork, lighting, window treatments, and flooring must work together to contribute to an overall look that will satisfy a client’s needs.

There are a variety of areas that Interiors Joan & Associates  specialize in:

  • Corporate & business Design
  • Non-Profit Design
  • Healthcare Design
  • Kitchen and Bath Design
  • Sustainable Design
  • Universal Design
  • Residential or Home Design 

The responsibilities of the ASID team at Interiors Joan & Associates can include the following:

  • Advertising for new projects
  • Bidding on new projects
  • Sitting with clients to pinpoint project goals
  • Visualizing how spaces will be used by families and workforce
  • Sketching design plans
  • Picking materials and furnishings
  • Placing orders for materials and furnishings
  • Creating project timelines
  • Estimating project costs
  • Overseeing project construction and installation
  • Coordinating with contractors regarding plans and specifications
  • Coordinating with electricians, painters, plumbers, and other professionals
  • Ensuring the client is satisfied after the project is complete

Redesign Lincoln

If you want to upgrade your home or office in Lincoln, Nebraska  – whether it’s a kitchen redesign or a bathroom remodel, or an office out of your wildest dreams, when should you call an interior designer? Right when you start thinking about a project – that’s when you call! Remodels, redesigns, or upgrades with homes and offices are never as easy as you think! If you aren’t sure what to look for in an interior design firm in Lincoln, Nebraska, we encourage you to read this article

Interiors Joan and Associates has a long-standing reputation as the best interior design firm in Lincoln, Nebraska. Our team is standing by to help you with your residential and business needs.