How to Make Your New House Feel Like Home: Our Best Tips for Finishes, Features and Upgrades

Interiors Joan and Associates designer Kris Patton, ASID was recently interviewed on the topic of how new homeowners can personalize a few key interior spaces and make the home their own.

If you’re thinking of buying a home in the new year, you’ll find this short article very helpful.


How can a new homeowner make their new house feel more like home?

If you’ve purchased a home that isn’t newly constructed, we recommend you go room by room, and focus on finishing one space at a time, rather than bouncing from one area to another.

So often we see new homeowners attempt to update their entire home at once, and this often ends in disappointment, because when the budget runs out, they find themselves with a house full of rooms that have one or two things done, but nothing goes together, nothing is complete. Instead, take one room at a time and really finish it. Then, when your budget allows, move to the next space. This practice results in fully completed spaces and much less mental clutter!

What are the most practical upgrades a new homeowner can make?

Start simple; add new, fresh paint to the walls, replace carpet and purchase furniture that fits the space in the new home and the lifestyle stage that you are in.

Beyond that, interior design is often a push/pull. You push your budget in one area for higher-quality finishes and more unique or rare pieces that really make a statement in spaces that you live in most. Then, you pull back the budget in another area that might not carry the same weight of importance to you.

Sometimes all it takes to really make a room is one unique feature.

Your kitchen backsplash, window treatments, accent walls and artwork are great places to create a focal point in the room and make the new home really reflect your personal style.

What if you’ve already owned your home for a few years?

Whether you’re keeping the home or preparing it for sale, start by de-cluttering. As we live in a home for years and years, we tend to collect items from our lives… things like treasures from a vacation or photos that have been slowly accumulating on display shelves. Edit your belongings and only display a few key pieces at a time. You don’t have to throw them out! Just rotate their appearances!

Once the display shelves are under control, move on to the corners of the room. Removing unnecessary furniture or clutter can really make an impact and the room will appear bigger and more usable.

Another quick tip is to upgrade one space in your home every year. Go one room at a time and create a space you want to spend time in.

The side benefit is, should you decide to sell your home, it won’t require a major renovation to meet current buyer expectations.

Buyers today are looking for good-quality finishes and features, and in the upper price ranges, they look for more unique and rare features to set their homes apart.

Examples of these features include unique stone countertops like soapstone, quartz or marble; farm sinks in the kitchen; mixing of stains, paints and more textural woods to create interest, and unique architectural design elements.

How can a homeowner learn more about Interiors Joan and Associates?

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