Tish Stanley

How was your interest in interior design sparked? I’ve always had a love for art, fabrics, design, and things in life that are just pretty. I started really peaking an interest in this industry when I was much younger working for a company decorating for the holidays. I loved the over exaggerated decorations and putting mixed textures together. Later in life, I worked in the flooring industry helping clients put together their selections for their homes. I loved putting together projects and seeing the final design once it was completed. I’d get asked by builders and clients to help make selections on paint colors, then on some finishes. I ended up just doing it for fun because it was something I loved to do. Then I went on and worked for myself and would help people with design projects as needed. I got all of my business from word of mouth and referrals.

Experience/Qualifications: I earned my Associates Degree in interior design and my bachelors degree in business. I gained years of experience in the industry before joining the team at Interiors Joan and Associates

What is your favorite spot in your own home? My favorite spot in my own home is my living room. I have a great view out my window and I just love being surrounded by sun, and the feeling of being outside while I’m really inside. I have a massive 12 ft. slider door that ill lead to our new pool and patio, I just can’t wait for it all to be done, it will be amazing!

Community Involvement: I was a volunteer for Project Pink’d for a few years in Omaha. Having recently moved to Las Vegas, I’m hoping to find a new place and organization where I can volunteer. I love helping the community and I find great pleasure in doing so.

Design Tip: Trust your designer. I know it’s hard to go out of your comfort zone sometimes, but I really have confidence that you can find a new appreciation for things in life if you trust the expert you hired for your project.