Di Adamson

How was your interest in interior design sparked? “Child Labor” got me into office work! My father had his own real estate business as I was growing up. My mother was a bookkeeper. Both of them would give me “busy work” just to keep me out of their hair and as I got older my father had me typing letters and ordering office supplies. He actually even paid me once in a while!

Experience/Qualifications: I have an Associate Degree in Accounting and a Bachelor Degree in Business Management. I always wanted to be a designer and even took some college courses, but my mind just does not work that way. In the past, besides working for my father, I have worked as an inventory service manager, a painting/paper hanging scheduler, a backroom manager, and an accounting clerk. It seems that everything I have done in the past is all wrapped together into what I do now at Interiors Joan and Associates.

Community Involvement: Since my mother died in 2016, I have been an advocate of brain cancer awareness. I have a small business that I run out of my garage in my spare time. I create and repair costume jewelry. All profits of that business are donated to the American Brain Tumor Association in the name of Team Charlene. It’s not much… but I feel it is very important.

What is your favorite part about your job? My favorite part of my job is actually several parts. I love fabrics. I like ordering the fabrics, receiving them when they come in and seeing them come back from the workrooms as window treatments, bedding or reupholstered furniture. Just seeing the creativity, talent and vision our designers have from start to finish.

Administrative Approach: When I was working for my father, he instilled the importance of customer service that I carry with me today. Everything I do: contracts, ordering, receiving, scheduling installers, invoicing, it’s all done as if that is the only client we have. And I try to do things the way I would like a company to do things for me. I have never actually met many of our clients, but they get to know my name. When I talk to them on the phone and they have a sense of familiarity with me as if they’ve known me all their life, it gives me a great feeling of accomplishment. Dad would be so proud!